Arizona Is Not Concerned About Cost of Common Core Testing?

Arizona Department of EducationGeorgia pulled out of PARCC due largely because of the cost of the test.  Other states have withdrawn from their testing consortiums, but not Arizona.  Their Department of Education said that the cost is less than they anticipated.

From the Arizona Daily Independent:

The Arizona Department of Education is committed to the Common Core standards, despite wide opposition. According to the Yellow Sheet, “Leila Williams, who is overseeing the PARCC implementation for ADE, said the cost actually came in lower than expected and ADE is developing its decision proposal to submit to the governor’s office. It will be up to the State Board of Education to adopt the test. “We’re still going forward, planning on implementing it. There’s not a discussion yet to abandon it,” the Sheet reported.

Exactly how much were they planning to spend?  That is a question that Arizona taxpayers deserve an answer to.  I’m not convinced that PARCC will be able to stick to their estimate of $29.95 per student considering it can’t all be graded by machine.  This seems to be a lowball estimate.

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