Standard Algorithms in the Common Core State Standards

Download the above as a five page pdf document by clicking here.

1 thought on “Standard Algorithms in the Common Core State Standards

  1. Common Core expects too much from young minds. As an adult, most people who already have the basic concepts of traditional math can think that this is a good idea. But to young minds it is too complicated and expects children who are still grasping basic language to understand complex math terms. And, there is no alternative teaching in schools anymore. We just moved to a different state and when I inquired about the math curriculum, I asked what happens if a child doesn’t get the common core method of math. You know what the answer was? They get out in Special Education! Sick! My child is intelligent and we’ve had to pay a tutor to teach them math because it was so complex starting in Kindergarten, that they got lost. The school just pushed our child through and it wasn’t until COVID that I saw how f$ck@d up math was and how only 5 of 30 kids got it in my child’s 3rd grade class. It was the next year (4th grade) that I again saw in the virtual classroom that most of the kids weren’t getting it, so I pulled my child out of school and sought out a tutor who I asked to teach my child basic math in any method that my child could understand. My child caught up from 1st grade level to almost the end of 3rd grade level going 2x a week in 5 months. If that is not a good testimony against this “one way to teach math” being forced in our schools, I don’t know what is. Common Core is for the birds.


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