Indiana Talk Show Host Greg Garrison Blasts Common Core

Greg Garrison was on fire during his Friday radio show on WIBC, blasting the Common Core as a federal intrusion. In his usual, colorful style he said the standards ”stunk to high heavens of federal intervention, with the kookiest people in the world making the plans.”

He took the time to read a piece by Terrence Moore, ”Will Indiana Cut and Paste its Way to Common Core,” which posted on the Library of Liberty and Law site that morning. Garrison echoed the sentiments of Moore asking:

“Are these people really in charge of our children’s education?”

His answer was yes, and they have been for awhile. He called upon Governor Pence to step up and fix what many have already reported as a rebranding of Common Core Standards into Indiana’s “new” standards. His message was to reject the Common Core and return to a quality education, it isn’t too late. He no longer buys the talking points being offered by “conservatives” claiming the benefits of uniform standards.

“I may have been asleep at the switch on Common Core, and not as harsh of a critic on academic standards as I should have been. I should have said more than I did, put my nose more into the Common Core, but better late than never.” He’s now on the warpath.

Welcome to the party, Mr. Garrison, happy to have a reputable man on board!

Common Core Forum in Louisiana on February 20th

FYI Louisiana friends.  There is a big Common Core forum happening on February 20, 2014, highlighting these speakers below:


Jim Stergios, Sandra Stotsky, James Milgram, Emmett McGroarty, Jane Robbins and Terrance Moore under one roof?  I’m jealous that I don’t get to be there, but you have the opportunity!

It will be held at the Crossfire Auditorium (8919 World Ministry Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA) on Thursday, February 20th from 6:00p – 9:00p.  You can purchase your ticket (only $10 per person) here.

Story Killers: How the Common Core Destroys Minds and Souls

If you haven’t seen it, take the time to watch this video of Dr. Terrance O. Moore, assistant professor of history at Hillsdale College,  giving Hillsdale College’s AWC Family Foundation Lecture based on his new book Story Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core.  It is an hour long, but it is well worth the time.

Notre Dame Common Core Conference Video

The American Principles Project (APP), the Heartland Institute and Pioneer Institute, co-hosted a one-day conference at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, Monday, September 9, 2013 to discuss the destructive implications of the Common Core Standards and the future of the education of America’s youth.

More than 200 people were in attendance at the sold out conference. Among the states represented were California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia; most of which have strong grassroot movements fighting against the Common Core.

Leading experts addressed the conference on the changing landscape of the American education system and the implications of the Common Core Standards. Concerned citizens, many of whom are parents, joined in the discussion by sharing their experiences and concerns.

Below is a playlist of all of the videos from the conference.  Videos include (in the order of the playlist):

  • ND Common Core Conference Highlights
  • Sean Fieler – The Purpose of Education
  • Dr. Gerard V. Bradley – Opening Comments on Common Core
  • Emmett McGroarty – Common Core Restricts States Rights
  • Dr. Patrick Deneen – Education and America’s Founding Principles
  • Dr. Williamson Evers – Federal Role in Education
  • Jamie Gass – Common Core and School Choice
  • Jane Robbins – Common Core and Data Collection
  • Joy Pullmann – Federal Intrusion in the Classroom
  • Dr. James Milgram – Common Core Effect on Higher Education
  • Dr. James Milgram – Common Core Effect on Math Education
  • Dr. Megan Koschnick – Common Core is Developmentally Inappropriate
  • Dr. Sandra Stotsky – the Invalid Process of Common Core Development
  • Dr. Sandra Stotsky – Common Core English Language Arts Standards
  • Dr. Terrance Moore – Common Core and the Destruction of Literature
  • Ze’ev Wurman – Inadequate Research Base of Common Core
  • Heather Crossin – Parent Reaction to Common Core
  • Erin Tuttle – Parent Reaction to Common Core
  • William Estrada – Common Core and Private/Homeschools
  • Dr. Andrew Kern – Why Literature is Essential in Education
  • Dr. Keith Oatley – the Importance of Reading


Common Core Conference at the University of Notre Dame

notre-dame-golden-domeFrom, this will be a great conference to be held next month at Notre Dame University in Indiana.

The Changing Role of Education in America: Consequences of the Common Core

University of Notre Dame
September 9, 2013

You can register online here.

Please join us for a one-day conference at the Notre Dame Conference Center in South Bend, Indiana, as leading experts from across the country discuss the changing landscape of the American education system and the implications of the new Common Core Standards.

Sponsored by: American Principles Project, Heartland Institute, Pioneer Institute

Conference Program:

9:00 -9:20 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Professor Gerard V. Bradley, Notre Dame Law School

9:20-10:00 History of Education in America
Dr. Williamson M. Evers, Hoover Institute at Stanford University

Purpose of Education in American Society
Professor Patrick Deneen, University of Notre Dame

10:10-10:30 Coffee Break

10:45-11:45 Panel on Federalism, Privacy and Common Core
Joy Pullman, Heartland Institute; Emmett McGroarty, J.D., APP; Jane Robbins, J.D., APP; Dr. Williamson M. Evers, Hoover Institute at Stanford University

11:45-12:15 Common Core Development
Prof. James Milgram, Stanford University; Prof. Sandra Stotsky, University of Arkansas; Dr. Megan Koschnick

12:15-1:30 Lunch
Address by Andrew Kern, President of CiRCE Institute

1:30-2:45 Mathematics
Prof. James Milgram, University of Stanford; Ze’ev Wurman, Hoover Institute; Heather Crossin, Parent

2:45-3:00 Coffee Break

3:00-4:15 English Language Arts
Prof. Sandra Stotsky, University of Arkansas; Prof. Terrence Moore, Hillsdale College; Professor Patrick Deneen, Notre Dame University; Erin Tuttle, Parent

4:15-5:15 Religious Schools, Private Schools, Home School Families
William Estrada, JD, Home School Legal Defense Association; Jamie Gass, Pioneer Institute; Prof. Terrence Moore, Hillsdale College;
5:15-5:30 Closing Remarks

The Changing Role of Education in America: Consequences of the Common Core

Federalism vs. Centralization of Educational Standards and Testing: Panelists will discuss the role of the federal government versus that of the state and local community in educating citizens. They will explore the shifting purpose of the education system to meet the needs of the workforce at the expense of the needs of the citizen and society.

State-Led Effort vs. Foundations and Special-Interest Groups: Panelists involved in the
development of the Common Core Standards will discuss the credentials of those who created the Standards, the lack of state involvement, and the influence of private foundations and special-interest groups.

International Benchmarking and American Competitiveness: Panelists will analyze the lack of international benchmarking of the Standards, and explain why it will place American students years behind their international counterparts in mathematics and English and damage economic competitiveness.

You can register online here.

Photo credit: Dan Dzurisin via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)