Follow These #StopCommonCore & #EndFedEd Activists on Twitter

Be sure to check out people who use the #StopCommonCore hashtag!

Mike Petrilli shared the “top” education policy people and organizations on Twitter in 2017. He based in on Klout scores and Twitter followers. I also noticed with the exception of Diane Ravitch I didn’t see anyone who was anti-Common Core.

I’d like to share my list of #StopCommonCore and #EndFedEd folks (and forgive me ahead of time I’m sure I’m going to forget someone) who are active on Twitter (they may not always tweet about education policy) along with a preview of some of their latest tweets. Be sure to add your suggestions in the comments.

Emmett McGroarty with American Principles Project

Jane Robbins with American Principles Project

Sandra Stotsky

I’d be remiss not to encourage you to follow me.

The Common Core Diva – Lynne Taylor

Christopher Tienken

Nicholas Tampio at Fordham University.

Kathleen Jasper

Cheri Kiesecker

Frederick Hess with American Enterprise Institute

Karen Woltman – great on education policy in Iowa

Joy Pullman with the Heartland Institute

Ed Activist NH (I think this is Ann Marie Banfield, but I’m not certain.)

Stephanie Zimmerman with Idahoans for Local Education

Christel Swasey – Parent, a former educator, and activist in Utah.

Will Estrada with Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Alisa Ellis – A parent and education activist in Utah.

Karen Effrem with Education Liberty Watch and Florida Stop Common Core Coalition

Neal McCluskey with Cato Institute

Alice Linahan – Education activist in Texas

A.P. Dillion – An education activist in North Carolina.

Jay P. Greene – Professor of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas

James Shuls with the Show-Me Institute

Carol Burris – Network of Public Educators

Gretchen Logue – Missouri Education Watchdog

Michelle Malkin (She helped #StopCommonCore make its mark in the Twitterverse)

Barry Garelick – All things math.

Lindsey Burke with the Heritage Foundation

Karen Braun – Parent and education activist in Michigan

Oak Norton – Founder of Utahns Against Common Core

Michelle Earle – Parent and education activist in New York.

Mommy Lobby – an education activist in Arizona

Lisa Hudson – Arizona parent activist

Victoria Young – an education activist in Idaho.

Teri Sasseville – An education activist in Georgia

Melanie Kurdys – A parent and education activist in Michigan

#CPAC2014 Tweetfest #StopCommonCore Addition

CPACVia American Principles in Action’s

Join us TODAY and in coming days to flood CPAC and the political leaders who will be presenting to join the fight against Common Core. CPAC is one of the largest gatherings of American conservatives, so this is an IMPORTANT opportunity for us to get the truth out to conservatives about Common Core.

Please join us tomorrow, specifically during Bobby Jindal’s speech beginning at 12:00PM EST. There are additional speeches that we would love to have you participate in, but his is one of the most important.

WHO: You, and please pass on to anyone with a Twitter or Facebook
WHEN: THURSDAY MARCH 5th, 12PM and following

Times and draft tweets are below. Please use the draft tweets, but feel free to create your own. We want to make sure that there is alot of buzz going around regarding the Common Core during CPAC.

And be sure to use CPAC’s official hashtag — #CPAC2014 for ALL TWEETS.

Thank you for your help and participation.

Emmett McGroarty, Shane Vander Hart, Terry Schilling, and Kate Bryan
American Principles in Action

TAE Note – please also tweet for TODAY: Be sure to check out the #StopCommonCore forum at #CPAC2014 w/ @lindseymburke & @JimStergios 3:30p Potomac 3&4


Bobby Jindal speaks at 12:00p on Thursday

@BobbyJindal Louisiana parents need you to act, please #StopCommonCore in your state! #CPAC2014
@BobbyJindal Be a voice for your citizens, please #StopCommonCore in your state! #CPAC2014

@BobbyJindal Protect America’s children. #StopCommonCore in Louisiana. #CPAC2014

Additional times and tweets for CPAC

Ted Cruz – speaking at 9:00a Thursday –
Thank you @tedcruz for joining @ChuckGrassley in working to #StopCommonCore Fed Funding. #CPAC2014

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) speaking at 11:00a Thursday –
@ChrisChristie if you want to promote STEM you need #StopCommonCore Algebra II isn’t enough. #CPAC2014

Bobby Jindal speaks at 12:00p on Thursday –
@BobbyJindal Louisiana parents need you to act, please #StopCommonCore in your state! #CPAC2014

Sen. Marco Rubio is speaking at 12:16p on Thursday –
@marcorubio thank you for your support of #StopCommonCore #CPAC2014
Thank you @marcorubio for protecting America’s children and our future. #StopCommonCore #CPAC2014

Gov. Rick Perry speaks on Friday at 9:00am EST –
@GovernorPerry rejected Race to the Top and has worked to #EndFedEd, be sure to thank him. #StopCommonCore #CPAC2014

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks on Friday at 10:21AM EST –
@GovMikeHuckabee has championed Common Core, tell him to #StopCommonCore not just the Fed’s involvement. #CPAC2014

Rick Santorum speaks on Friday at 2:26pm EST –
@RickSantorum please join the #StopCommonCore movement, our kids need your voice! #CPAC2014

Sen. Rand Paul speaks on Friday at 2:51pm EST –
@SenRandPaul thank you for lending your voice to #StopCommonCore! #CPAC2014

Ann Coulter – Saturday at 1:34pm EST –
@AnnCoulter please lend your voice to #StopCommonCore. #CPAC2014

State Senator Lee Zeldin – Saturday at 3:34pm EST –
State Sen. @leezeldin is speaking at #CPAC2014 Senator thanks for your #StopCommonCore bill (S 6604) in NY!

Sarah Palin – Saturday at 5:45pm EST –
@SarahPalinUSA rejected Race to the Top, Gov. Palin please join the #StopCommonCore movement! #CPAC2014

#StopCommonCore Facebook Profile Picture Blast

1395880_10201899999596843_1783665425_nYou are encouraged to change your Facebook profile picture to a “Stop Common Core” picture this week from November 12th to November 15th.  We use our profile pictures to reflect who we are, what we love and what are passions are.  So why not use it to show your opposition to the Common Core State Standards for four days.

So this week we urge you to change your profile picture to the red and white picture seen to the right.

Leslie Beck of Iowa who is spearheading this effort said, “Use the same red and white picture as everyone else who does this. Do not show your creativity. Do not show your unique style. Show the world what it would be like if we were all the same, even if it is just in this one way. That is Common Core.  That is what we are doing to our children if we adopt Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Next up will be the Social Studies standards if we do not stop this train wreck. We are each unique and so are our children.”

Anyway, I’m changing my profile picture over tomorrow and I encourage you to do the same.

P.S…. we can do the same on Twitter as well.

#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally Part Deux

Parent Led Reform (@parentledreform) is graciously hosting our 2nd #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally.  Our follow-up rally is this Thursday, May 2nd at 9:00p (EDT)/8:00p (CDT). The #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally is a collaborative project in partnership with Truth In American Education (@TruthinAmEd), and designed to share the research diligently collected by parents and citizens concerned about the government’s push for national common standards in education.  This rally is an encore of the April 16th #StopCommonCore Twitter event, which reached 2,493,308 Twitter users.

“We are thrilled about the amazing turnout to share awareness of the concerns of Common Core Standards,” said Karin Piper, spokesperson for Parent Led Reform. “Parent Led Reform opposes a lock-step approach to education that takes the focus away from the student and decisions away from the parent and so pleased to work in collaboration with organizations, parents, educators and citizens across the country to share these concerns.”

“The last Twitter rally was amazing and we were thankful to be able to elevate the Common Core State Standards issue using this social media platform,” said Shane Vander Hart, a Truth in American Education advocate and blogger.  “It is important for parents and citizens to become informed about this under-the-radar revolution in education policy so they can make their voices heard with school boards, state legislatures and Congress.”

The #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally features a panel of experts who are planning on answering questions by the moderator, as well as taking live questions from Twitter users across the nation. The panelists are Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) of Truth in American Education, William Estrada (@will_estrada)  of Home School Legal Defense Association, Joy Pullmann (@joypullmann) of  Heartland Institute, Ben DeGrow (@BenDegrow) of the Independence Institute, and Emmett McGroarty (@approject) of American Principles Project .

This rally is also being supported by Pioneer Institute (@pioneerboston), Americans for Prosperity (@afphq), Heartland Institute (@heartlandinst), Independence Institute (@i2idotorg),  American Principles Project (@approject),  FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks), and  Home School Legal Defense Association (@hslda).

You can participate in the Twitter Rally here or by just searching and using the hashtag #StopCommonCore.

#StopCommonCore vs. #SupportTheCore

It’s pretty obvious that our #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally was effective on Tuesday.  StateImpact Indiana compared us to the #SupportTheCore counter rally that was going on the same time.

A snapshot of Twitter analytics from the website Hashtracking around 1 pm ET showed the#StopCommonCore hashtag was “reaching” over 1.9 million Twitter users. #SupportTheCore reached closer to 260,000 users.

Alyson Williams in an email last night pointed to a little research she had done (see at end):

The attached report includes a few social media snapshots of the twitter rally according to The estimated audience was 2,493,308 including tweets for the whole 24 hour period of April 16. 

If we do this again I’ll try to track #supportthecore too for comparison.

I think the screen shots below are pretty interesting as well, from #HashtagBattle which measures according to their website, “the Twitter hashtags that are significant and valid. Significant (to us) means a tweet that’s been retweeted or contains a link. Valid means we’ve removed any bots or spammy sources.”

Here is the #StopCommonCore vs. #SupportTheCore for the week thus far:



While it certainly doesn’t accurately portray the level of support for each, it does mean that we are establishing a pretty good social media presence. 

I thought it would be interesting to compare how #StopCommonCore matched up to #CommonCore (a hashtag more often used by supporters).  Below is the screenshot of that battle for yesterday.



A little more evenly matched.  For the week thus far due to our Twitter rally we had a wide margin.  It should be said that our side uses the #CommonCore hashtag as well.



We are planning an encore and I’ll follow up with details.

You can see Alyson’s report below.

#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally Report

Great job to all those who participated!

#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally Press Release

Below is a press release that went out for the #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally to be held tomorrow from 12:00p-2:00p (EDT).  The tweet chat link is

Parent-Led Reform and Truth in American Education Take to Twitter to #StopCommonCore

More Than 100 Groups and Individuals Have Joined Tuesday’s Twitter Rally

Parent-Led Reform (@ParentLedReform) will host, in partnership with Truth in American Education (@TruthinAmEd), a #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 from 12:00p-2:00p (EST). They will be joined by more than 100 groups and individuals for this first-time event. Parents, teachers and grassroots activists are concerned about the nationalization of education standards, data collecting, and subpar education expectations thrust upon our children by education bureaucrats and special interest groups through the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

The #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally will feature a panel of experts:

  • Emmett McGroarty the executive director of the Preserve Innocence Imitative with American Principles Project (will use the @approject twitter handle)
  • Joy Pullmann (@joypullmann) – Research Fellow with the Heartland Institute and Editor of School Reform News.
  • Ben DeGrow (@ediswatching) education policy analyst at The Independence Institute
  • James Shuls (@shulsie) an education policy analyst at the Show-Me Institute
  • Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) editor-in-chief of; Advocate, blogger & social media manager for Truth In American Education. (Will use @TruthinAmEd)

Truth In American Education’s spokesperson, Shane Vander Hart, said, “As taxpayers, parents and concerned citizens, we believe that proper respect for the American people requires that major educational changes be subject to an open and public discussion prior to approval and implementation, not the other way around. So we are taking to Twitter to express our concern about the Common Core State Standards.”


Truth in American Education ( is a national, non-partisan group of concerned parents and citizens.  We view educational issues from different perspectives; however, we are in agreement, that the promotion and implementation of elements of the Race to the Top (RTTT) policies are misguided and harmful. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), CCSS assessments, and state longitudinal data systems development along with associated privacy issues are being implemented nationwide with insufficient research-based evidence and insufficient public examination and discourse. ( is a multi-issue organization that projects parental power into education reform.

Here is a companion press release from Parent Led Reform:

Parent Led Reform Hosts National Rally via Twitter to #Stopcommoncore Standards

A large collaboration of organizations that oppose nationalization of education hold online rally to stop Common Core Standards.

Colorado, April 13, 2012: Parent Led Reform, a multi-issue organization that projects parental power into education reform, is hosting a rally via Twitter Tuesday April 16th at 10 am MST. The #Stopcommoncore Twitter Rally is a collaborative project in partnership with Truth In American Education, and designed to share the research diligently collected by parents and citizens concerned about the government’s push for national common standards in education.

“We oppose a lock-step approach to education that takes the focus away from the student and decisions away from the parent,” says Karin Piper, Executive Director of “Parent Led Reform is impressed with the voluminous and detailed research Truth in American Education has collected regarding the pitfalls of Common Core Standards, and honored to serve as a partner by moderating the rally via social media. “

The #Stopcommoncore Twitter Rally features a panel of experts who are planning on answering questions by the moderator, as well as taking live questions from Twitter users across the nation. The panelists are Shane Vander Hart (Truth in American Education), James Shuls (Show-Me Institute) Joy Pullmann (Heartland Institute), Ben DeGrow (Independence Institute), Emmett McGroarty (American Principles Project).

· #Stopcommoncore Twotter Rally Tuesday April 16 at 10 am MST, Noon EST via:



#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally

Parent-Led Reform (@ParentLedReform) will host a Twitter Rally on April 16, 2013 which  will go from 12:00p-2:00p (EST).  We will discuss how the Common Core State Standards affect your family, community and schools.  We invite you to participate.

There will be an expert panel and several organizations that will discuss #StopCommonCore.  So far I know the panel will consist of:

I’ll update with a live link for the Twitter Rally (or you can just follow the hashtag #StopCommonCore) and as the expert panel is finalized.

Update: Be sure to RSVP with the Facebook event invite, this will help keep you up to date with pertinent info.