North Carolina Legislative Committee Recommends Replacing Common Core

Thursday the North Carolina Legislative Research Commission Committee on Common Core State Standards approved a report recommending the creation of a Standards and Accountability Commission that would review the Common Core State Standards.  Included in the report is draft legislation that would replace the Common Core State Standards if approved.  This is the first step the state has taken to dump the Common Core State Standards.


Civitas Institute in March conducted a poll of 600 North Carolinians and asked if they favored or opposed the Common Core State Standards.  37% said they favored the standards with only 15% strongly favoring the Common Core  36% of North Carolinians opposed the standards.  25% indicated strong opposition.  26% of those polled said they were undecided.

Civitas also polled North Carolinians on their opinion of the creation of the Commission to review the Common Core State Standards.  58% of North Carolinians supported the idea.

The committee’s step was deemed good news by North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest.  “Today is a great day for education in North Carolina. The General Assembly listened to the voices of thousands of parents, teachers, administrators and concerned citizens about the issues with Common Core. I would like to thank the Senators and Representatives who had the courage to do what is right for our children and our state in the face of opposition. This legislative action allows North Carolina to develop its own rigorous standards, created by its own teachers, school administrators, business leaders and parents,” Forest said in a released statement on Thursday.