Indiana Pulling Away From PARCC

indiana_flag_mapIndiana is reducing its participation with PARCC.

State Impact Indiana reports:

As a governing state in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, Indiana gets a seat at the table. But no one from the Department of Education has attended a PARCC governing board meeting since Superintendent Glenda Ritz took office in January.

That tracks with what Ritz told StateImpact last week about participation in PARCC and Smarter Balanced, the other consortium writing tests for the Common Core.

“We will not be participating in consortiums that decide for us the cost of the test, the questions on the test, the cutoffs,” she says. “Indiana will be doing that on its own.”

Ritz says her office scaled back involvement in the PARCC consortium after state lawmakers voted to pause rollout of the Common Core pending a legislative review. HB 1427 also bars the State Board of Education from ceding control of standards or assessments to outside entities.

Ritz has expressed interest in Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium so Indiana could choose between the better of the two assessments as North Dakota is doing.

I don’t see how that would keep Indiana from not participating in consortium that decides cost, questions, and cutoffs.  They would just be deciding which of the consortiums would be dictating that to the state.

Common Core “Time Out” Bill Passes Indiana House, Governor Pence is Next

A quick update.  The Indiana House of Representatives voted to pass HB 1427 on a 53 to 42 vote.  This puts the implementation of the Common Core on hold until a fiscal impact study is done and the State Board of Education holds a public hearing in each Congressional District.

Now it goes to Governor Mike Pence.  We are watching Governor.

Indiana’s Common Core Pause Up for a Final Vote

indiana-state-capitol-domeGood news in Indiana the language halting further implementation of the Common Core State Standards has made it out of a conference committee and  will be up for a final vote in each chamber and then hopefully will land on Governor Mike Pence’s desk.

From State Impact Indiana:

After lawmakers resolved differences between the Indiana House’s and Senate’s respective versions of a lengthy piece of education legislation, language halting implementation of the Common Core academic standards in Indiana schools made it through conference committee Thursday.

While House Speaker Brian Bosma’s Wednesday announcement he supported the “pause” proposal makes this news somewhat less surprising, it essentially means opponents of the nationally-crafted standards have pulled off an improbable end-run around Common Core supporters (go Erin and Heather!).

As it emerged from conference, House Bill 1427 prevents schools from doing any further work to implement the standards in their classrooms pending public meetings on the Common Core, a legislative review and a study of the standards’ fiscal impact.

“Shining the light of day on [the standards] and opening it up for folks to have a lot of input, for teachers and parents to have input, for educators to have input — I think is a positive step,” Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, told IPBS statehouse reporter Brandon Smith.

This explains the shrill protesting we’ve heard from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and DFER Indiana.

Photo credit: Jimmy Emerson via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)

Indiana Anti-Common Core Bill on the Move

Yesterday in the Indiana Senate Education Committee, Senator Scott Schneider successfully attached his language to a House bill, HB1427.  To read the coverage of the Senate Education Committee’s action click here.

Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, who authored the original Common Core bill, says despite Behning’s objections, he thinks the full House will back his plan.

“The majority of folks that I have talked to on both sides of the building, and on both sides of the aisle, for that matter, are in support of doing that (sic – missing “which”) stops further implementation and gives us a thorough review and an ability for us to look at everything,” Schneider says.

Schneider says he is confident the House will simply concur with the amended bill and avoid a conference committee where Behning might have more influence.

This legislation could be voted on by the full Senate as early as next Tuesday. If it passes the full Senate, it will then bypass the House Education Committee and go directly to the floor of the House. This could happen as early as the end of next week.  Therefore, please contact any and all members of the House and make your views known about the Common Core.  Tell them that the only acceptable language is that which is contained in HB1427 as amended by the Senate Education Committee.  This point is important because the House Education Committee recently passed their own language on the subject, in what appears to be a pre-emptive move.  Make it clear that only Senator Schneider’s language will satisfy you.  Let them know that “smoke and mirrors” will be recognized for being just that!  The number to the House Switchboard is (317)232-9600.

Originally posted at Hoosiers Against Common Core.