Common Core "going to hit like a ton of bricks"

Ann Doss Helms is a reporter for the Charlotte Observer and she is following the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board retreat.  Two of her tweets from the retreat are worth noting:

#cmsbd members say public knows little about federal changes that will shape local education, inc. Common Core Standards …

Common Core Standards are “going to hit like a ton of bricks,” says Ellis-Stewart. #cmsbd

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) is the second largest school district in North Carolina.  The district has more than 141,000 students and 159 schools.  If the Common Core hits CMS like “a ton of bricks,” our children will be in deep trouble.

The Common Core Cheering Section

Following up what Terry posted, I found a couple more videos that was *worth* sharing.  We have this gem of a video created within for the West Mecklenburg High School (North Carolina) staff.

HT to Gretchen of Missouri Education Watchdog who sent this to me via email.  She said of this video, “It’s wonderful and magical.  It will work in all areas and the rigor will be raised and all will be well.”  I can just picture the eye roll.

“I will embrace the common core without fear.”  Is the line in this “motivational” song about the Common Core State Standards.  Come on teachers!  Just believe!

Finally back to West Mecklenburg High School.