Let’s Get Gov. Mike Pence’s Attention Tomorrow via Twitter

Time for another Twitter rally.  Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) will be in Dallas, TX tomorrow (8/29/14) at the Defending the American Dream Summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity.  He is on the agenda tomorrow at 10:00a (Central Time) to be on a panel for a workshop entitled “Wastewatchers – Tightening the Belt on Government Spending.”

Please plan on starting about 9:45a and we can go all morning, but the workshop will probably be finished around 11:15a (Central Time).  So if we can blow up Twitter for an hour and a half that would be great.  If you are not able to do this live if you use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or some other 3rd party Twitter app please schedule some Tweets during this time.

Our goal is to get his attention so he’ll be motivated to go back to Indiana and address the sloppy Common Core rebrand that was done there.

In all of your tweets if you would please make sure you are directing your tweet to him – @GovPenceIN and use two hashtags the first would be #DeserveBetter and then the conference hashtag is #Dream14.  If you have enough space please also include #StopCommonCore.  It’s more important to use his Twitter handle @GovPenceIN (otherwise his staff won’t see it) and #DeserveBetter though.

Here are some sample tweets.

  • .@GovPenceIN Hoosier kids #DeserveBetter standards than a Common Core rebrand. #Dream14 #StopCommonCore
  • .@GovPenceIN your Common Core rebrand & assessments are a budget buster.  Hoosiers #DeserveBetter.  #Dream14 #StopCommonCore
  • .@GovPenceIN your Common Core rebrand violates free market principles, your state #DeservesBetter #Dream14 #StopCommonCore
  • .@GovPenceIN private schools in your state #DeserveBetter than to have poor rebranded standards tied to vouchers. #Dream14 #StopCommonCore
  • .@GovPenceIN I didn’t think it was possible but Indiana now has worse math standards than Common Core. Hoosiers #DeserveBetter #Dream14
  • .@GovPenceIN check out @PioneerBoston’s smarter way to #StopCommonCore – http://bit.ly/1AYmrqZ Indiana #DeservesBetter #Dream14
  • .@GovPenceIN voters #DeserveBetter than to have a potential presidential candidate pull a bait & switch. #StopCommonCore for real. #Dream14
  • .@GovPenceIN Hoosier parents #DeserveBetter than junk standards thrown together instead of a real plan to #StopCommonCore #Dream14
  • .@GovPenceIN Hoosiers #DeserveBetter than to have “education czars” foist education policy on us (http://bit.ly/1AYo6wF) #Dream14

I hope you join in!  Please share your sample tweets in the comments.

#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally Part Deux

Parent Led Reform (@parentledreform) is graciously hosting our 2nd #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally.  Our follow-up rally is this Thursday, May 2nd at 9:00p (EDT)/8:00p (CDT). The #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally is a collaborative project in partnership with Truth In American Education (@TruthinAmEd), and designed to share the research diligently collected by parents and citizens concerned about the government’s push for national common standards in education.  This rally is an encore of the April 16th #StopCommonCore Twitter event, which reached 2,493,308 Twitter users.

“We are thrilled about the amazing turnout to share awareness of the concerns of Common Core Standards,” said Karin Piper, spokesperson for Parent Led Reform. “Parent Led Reform opposes a lock-step approach to education that takes the focus away from the student and decisions away from the parent and so pleased to work in collaboration with organizations, parents, educators and citizens across the country to share these concerns.”

“The last Twitter rally was amazing and we were thankful to be able to elevate the Common Core State Standards issue using this social media platform,” said Shane Vander Hart, a Truth in American Education advocate and blogger.  “It is important for parents and citizens to become informed about this under-the-radar revolution in education policy so they can make their voices heard with school boards, state legislatures and Congress.”

The #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally features a panel of experts who are planning on answering questions by the moderator, as well as taking live questions from Twitter users across the nation. The panelists are Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) of Truth in American Education, William Estrada (@will_estrada)  of Home School Legal Defense Association, Joy Pullmann (@joypullmann) of  Heartland Institute, Ben DeGrow (@BenDegrow) of the Independence Institute, and Emmett McGroarty (@approject) of American Principles Project .

This rally is also being supported by Pioneer Institute (@pioneerboston), Americans for Prosperity (@afphq), Heartland Institute (@heartlandinst), Independence Institute (@i2idotorg),  American Principles Project (@approject),  FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks), and  Home School Legal Defense Association (@hslda).

You can participate in the Twitter Rally here or by just searching and using the hashtag #StopCommonCore.

Voucher Programs Need to Be Cut Off From the Common Core

I’m a school choice advocate, and full disclosure – my wife and I (mostly my wife) homeschool our three children.  That said I’m concerned by how current voucher programs are structured with more and more strings attached.  A friend of ours, Melissa Smith wrote a letter-to-the-editor that was published in the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel that speaks to this matter succinctly so I wanted to share it here for our readers:

Indiana needs to opt out of Common Core

The Aug. 1 article about Dick Morris’ appearance in Fort Wayne failed to mention one of the most interesting moments in the evening. It occurred when a member of the audience asked him about the Common Core, and he admitted he really didn’t know much about it and was going to look into it.

Morris and other organizations, such as Americans for Prosperity, who are actively promoting vouchers, have a responsibility to take the time to investigate the Common Core. What they will find is that the Common Core state standards and the federally funded assessments that accompany it, are the antitheses of the promises made by the school choice movement.

Here in Indiana, voucher or no voucher, the “choices” parents have will soon be narrowed down to only one — the Common Core. Anyone wondering why Indiana’s adoption of Common Core’s “one-size-fits all” system of national standards, curriculum and testing flies in the face of school choice need only Google the document “Closing the Door on Innovation,” which was signed by The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’s president, Robert Enlow, among others.

Legislators in Indiana should follow states like Texas, Virginia and Alaska, and pass Sen. Scott Schneider’s legislation to opt Indiana out of the Common Core initiative. If they don’t, the Common Core will certainly be the attached strings that sink the voucher movement, private and parochial school and ultimately even home-schooling as well.

Melissa R. Smith (links added by me)