Truth in American Education has a New Mission Statement

Since its founding Truth in American Education (TAE) has mainly focused on providing information about and addressing issues related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), assessments of those standards, student privacy/FERPA/state longitudinal data systems, Race to the Top, and the reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB (now ESSA).  The CCSS has been the common thread in those issues.  These have been the issues of concern that brought folks in agreement to TAE.  It has been the feeling of TAE’s founding core for quite some time that we have accomplished what we set out to do—provide information and bring about awareness of the issues.  There is still a lot more to do that includes continuing to address related issues.  The TAE’s founding core feel the time has come to formally broaden our focus.

The Truth in American Education founding core group has approved a new mission statement.  This mission statement does not fundamentally change TAE.  In many ways it expands our focus while providing guidance for how and what issues are addressed.

This mission statement puts our focus on parent rights, local control, and providing students a classical liberal arts education.  TAE’s founding core is of the belief that bringing control and decision making back to the local school community and parents is best done by working and providing information at that level.

In the eyes of Truth in American Education, promoting local control involves encouraging parents, taxpayers, voters, and local communities to stand strong in efforts to regain, retain, and exercise rights to make decisions for themselves.  This precludes undue influence by corporations, foundations, private groups, non-elected groups and individuals, and special interest groups.  Legislative mandated local control with established qualifiers or requiring federal approval of such a plan is not acceptable.

Here is the new mission statement:

About Truth in American Education

Truth in American Education is a national non-partisan grass roots advocacy organization composed of parents and citizens.

Truth in American Education Mission Statement

Truth in American Education’s mission is to address education issues related to: parental rights, local control of schools, and classical liberal arts education.

In pursuit of our mission, Truth in American Education members will research, share information, network, provide mutual support, and actively work towards:

  • Identifying and/or providing resources to support parents in their efforts to protect their rights with regard to directing the education of their children; and
  • Bringing public school control and decision making back to the level of the local school community of parents, with minimal state interference and without federal influence, financial coercion, or regulation; and
  • Promoting a classical liberal arts education to transmit knowledge, culture, and traditions in order that the next generation may develop the wisdom and virtue necessary to be self-governing citizens in a republican government.

Truth in American Education defines parents’ rights as the right and responsibility to make determinations regarding their child’s upbringing and education, including decisions about: academic training, transfer of religious and moral values, and the child’s physical health and mental wellbeing.

We believe regaining local control will require parents, taxpayers, voters, and local officials to stand strong in demanding this constitutionally protected right. We reject the undue influence of corporations, foundations, public/private partnerships, private financial investors, and special interest groups in our public education system. 

We believe the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights, as well as U.S. Supreme Court opinions, support and affirm the mission of Truth in American Education.

2 thoughts on “Truth in American Education has a New Mission Statement

  1. I am so glad to see the direction you are taking. I have believed for several years now that the community and individuals must work together to take back control of our children and education. We need to get up off of our knees and understand our elected are not going to fix it for us. The future is in our hands. We have a woman here in Tennessee writing a factual civics book. We were able to get legislation passed last year that requires informed written parental consent before any student is allowed to participate in mental health screening. This year we are trying to get legislation that would require informed written consent prior to the collection of and/or sharing of personally identifiable information, mental/physical/biometric data. Several years ago we tried to get a local control bill passed but that effort failed, as we knew it would but we are going to dust it off and try again. Anyone interested in a copy of that bill or our informed written consent legislations only need ask. My personal goal is to solicit Pastors to donate space in their church during the week for a small group of students to participate in an education program. We will use Freedom Project Academy which is a classical, Christian based, teacher led online program. Duke Pesta and Alex Newman are notables that are involved with FPA. This is an easy, low cost, high quality way to provide an alternative route for working parents to get their children away from Common Core, data mining and teaching of values that do not meet the parents value system. It is time to STARVE THE BEAST.


  2. I like you new mission and I wish you luck in your future research on the broader topics. I did hesitate on the part, “without federal influence”. I’ve always agreed that with federal money, came federal influence. Until local schools can financially stand on their own, not receiving federal money will most likely be a huge burden.


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