Florida Teacher Who Resigned: “Children Are Not Data Points”

Photo source: PureParents.org

The Orlando Sentinel reported about a teacher’s resignation letter that went viral after she shared it with friends over the summer. 

Leslie Postal writes:

Maren Hicks often jokes that she was “Leo the Late Bloomer,” coming to a teaching career six years out of college. But once in the classroom, she found her passion and fell hard for education’s “noble aims.”

In June, however, Hicks left her teaching job at an Orange County public school after penning a two-page resignation letter that warned “our village is on fire.”

In her letter, Hicks, 36, said she was one of many fed up Orange teachers and urged school district leaders to heed their concerns about standardized testing, burdensome record-keeping and policies that lose sight of the children in their care.

“Children are not data points. Teachers are not cattle herders,” wrote Hicks, who taught at Arbor Ridge K-8 School in east Orange. “Yet, the district maintains an incessant and desperate need to pigeon hole education and goat herd bewildered students through an algorithm of disappointment and forced uniformity.”

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