Parents Group Calls on President Trump to Fire Betsy DeVos

On Tuesday, U.S. Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) released an open letter to President Donald Trump urging him to fire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. You can read it below.

Dear Mr. President, 

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE), a nationwide grassroots organization of parents and education advocates regularly conveys concerns to you and other elected officials about the negative effect of Federal government intrusion in education. 

USPIE calls for Congress to abide by the Constitutional structure for education, for the elimination of the U.S. Department of Education, for ending all Federal education programs, and for returning the control of education to parents and local communities. USPIE developed a Blueprint based on references from CATO Institute and The Independent Institute to provide clear reasons and steps to achieving these goals. The Blueprint has been shared extensively with elected officials in Washington D.C. 

As USPIE communicated to you previously, we were hopeful, with some reservations regarding the nomination of Mrs. DeVos for Secretary of Education. USPIE believed you would instruct Secretary DeVos to be laser focused on fulfilling your campaign promises to eliminate Common Core, however rebranded, and begin to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education. 

Since her appointment, Secretary DeVos has used the hammer of the Federal government to broaden its authority and disregard the rights of states and parents. Three actions in particular demonstrate this disregard:

  • threatening states abiding by state parental rights laws through the ESSA plan approval process,
  • recommending the merger of the Departments of Education and Labor fundamentally shifting the purpose of education to “workforce development”,
  • and now, endorsing the G20’s Declaration enshrining the UN’s education agenda, which undermines not only parents and states, but the fundamental sovereignty of the United States.

We do not believe these actions are consistent with your “America First” philosophy nor your campaign promises that generated so much enthusiasm.
As one of the nation’s largest collaboration of parents, and grassroots education advocates, we are committed to the goal of truly improving education for all of America’s children, which begins with reinstating parental authority and control, and ending Federal meddling in education. We continue to be available to assist in this effort.

Given these concerns, we call for the immediate dismissal of Secretary DeVos and for the appointment of an American education leader who will prioritize the fulfillment of your campaign promises.

U.S. Parents Involved in Education

2 thoughts on “Parents Group Calls on President Trump to Fire Betsy DeVos

  1. This ridiculous. They passed up the President of Hillsdale for DeVos and if she gets fired they will replace her with more of the same or worse. Trump has no clue and he is surrounded by people who are leading him astray. REALLY what will getting rid of DeVos accomplish? Do you think they would even consider replacing her for someone like Linda Murphy from OK or anyone that really knows what we need in our public schools. The die was cast a long time ago and the train is way too far down the track. We have allowed corporate cronies into the education field and now they and all their billions are the true owners of education and we little peons are not going to stop them. It is time for parents to take action. It is time for parents to create an alternate power. It is time for parents to do what only parents have the power to do……..time to STARVE THE BEAST. If communities would come together and organize we could literally implode the system and that is what must happen. No children…….no data… money for the corporate cronies.


    • Yep! Couldn’t be happier now that child #2 is in private school. We pay for this…no vouchers. Yes, he has to say a prayer every day and go to mass once a month, but his education is real and the curriculum is varied and rich, taught by teachers who have autonomy and are happy teaching. I am done with test prep curriculum (common chore), the testing madness and data collection, and unhappy teachers unwilling to challenge the status quo. My child actually likes school, likes learning and loves his teachers this year… was refreshing to go to back to school night and listen to happy teachers and not once did I hear “college and career readiness”! Betsy’s gotta go and the USDofEd needs to drastically downsize and give control back to the states.


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