2 thoughts on “What Data Are Colleges Collecting on Our Kids?

  1. This article brings red-light cameras to mind, where the owner of the vehicle would be ticketed, but someone else was driving and committed the infraction. In Missouri, the state supreme court ruled them unconstitutional as the owner of the vehicle was assumed to be the one driving.

    This makes me wonder if a student would not be accepted to a university because of something searched for in high school to complete a paper. My child had been assigned a paper regarding the use of opioids/heroin. The students were allowed to do research during class time, but that topic was blocked by school computers. With such a search, would an algorithm unfairly label my child as someone wanting to experiment with drugs?

    The data mining must stop. Most I have warned about this over the years are also concerned, but they do nothing to fight it. People need to take action. Speak up and fight this!


    • I think most reasonable parents talk to their children about the pitfalls of technology and how data/posts/photos will live on forever in the cloud/ethernet. Children (teens) don’t understand the concept of “forever” and they don’t understand big consequences for their behavior yet. They also are impulsive creatures and clique oriented. Parents are finding it very difficult to keep up with the fast pace of technology development. It’s not that we don’t want to take action…. we don’t know how to take action and most parents don’t realize how much data is being collected on their children during a normal school day. We can’t live under a log and we can’t expect that our children do that either. It’s a Catch 22 situation.


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