Bill Gates Can’t Leave ESSA State Plans Alone Either

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (CC-By-SA 2.0)

The Associated Press reported this morning that Bill Gates has poured millions into trying to influence state plans required under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

AP’s Sally Ho writes:

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates saw an opportunity with a new federal education law that has widespread repercussions for American classrooms.

His non-profit, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has given about $44 million to outside groups over the past two years to help shape new state education plans required under the 2015 law, according to an Associated Press analysis of its grants. The spending paid for research aligned with Gates interests, led to friendly media coverage and even had a hand in writing one state’s new education system framework.

The grants illustrate how strategic and immersive the Microsoft founder can be in pursuit of his education reform agenda, quietly wielding national influence over how schools operate. Gates’ carefully curated and intersecting web of influence is often invisible but allows his foundation to drive the conversation in support of its vision on how to reshape America’s struggling schools systems.

Critics call it meddling by a foundation with vast wealth and resources. The Gates Foundation says it’s simply helping states navigate a “tectonic” shift in responsibility for education — from the federal government to more local control.

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We call it meddling because it is. My gosh, it must be nice to be able to buy education policy. Since the millions and millions of dollars he poured into Common Core was a colossal waste he thought he would try to be more influential at the state level.

I wish educrats would use the critical thinking skills they believe Common Core will impart to students and ask one simple question. Have Gates-funded reforms have actually worked?

Largely no, but they have dollar signs in their eyes. It’s hard to say no to that cash and Gates has plenty of it.

5 thoughts on “Bill Gates Can’t Leave ESSA State Plans Alone Either

  1. What people really need to do is sit back and use some darn common sense. Ask yourself this: If the ed reform that Gates and his billionaire buddies are pushing was so great how come his kids do not participate in the same education programs he is pushing on our kids? It is not rocket science folks.


    • For the same reasons why our politicians didn’t enroll in Obamacare. You ever wonder why the Fed govt has an agency for everything under the sun, except a Dept of Common Sense? Me too 😉 lol


  2. Where is the class action suit? Where is the “resistance”? Maryland State law says education is supposed to be overseen by the “public”. How is anything we are doing “public”? We can’t see the assessments. We can’t control the standards which now include: English, Math, Science and the Fine Arts. Social Studies/Government standards are coming. My school has policies saying I need to zip it and sit down. My State Board Members NEVER respond to an email. There’s nothing “public” about education accept the money funding MoE (per pupil allocation). The public has NO voice in education. So I ask again, where is the class action suit on this?


    • It’s private school for my 2nd child. I’m tired of the fight and I can’t afford to sit and wait any longer for things to get better. We have to get Hogan out as Governor, Salmon needs to go and they need to whisk away Finn and Smarick into the dust bin. Maybe then, Petrilli will shut his mouth and quit spewing his think tank nonsense that no one wants to hear.


  3. Bill Gates is to education the equivalent of George Soro’s to politics!

    Same tactics , same influence , same agenda ☠️. Both are rotten to the core !


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