Back to School Common Core Propaganda Time

Summer has flown by and kids are now back in school (or will be soon depending on where you live). I had a parent in the Glendale Unified School District in California send me a photo of a parent handout he received.

A brief response:

  1. There is no evidence that demonstrates Common Core promotes deeper thinking, and even if it did they would think about what exactly since Common Core is also content-lite.
  2. Integrated learning is referring to the literacy standards in math, social studies, and science. So it encourages working on literacy skills in these particular classes. First, these standards boost the number of informational texts students have to read which has made an impact on how much literature is read. Second, I’d rather students focus on math, science, and social studies content. Third, where is the evidence that this approach works? None, it’s just the latest fad and it sounds cool therefore it must work, right? Right?
  3. Oh, they get to show how they know… Know what? Getting rid of skill and drill at a time when students are best able to learn a lot of information short circuits their understanding foundational information in a specific subject. I’d rather kids drill their multiplication tables than work on “thinking algebraically.”

They have this “hey trust us” plea, but even Bill Gates has said we won’t know for at least 10 years after implementation of these reforms will work. So these platitudes presented to parents are just a pipe dream.

Also, at this time parents have received “myths and facts” sheets about Common Core that are pretty much cut-and-paste straight from Gates-funded talking points.

If you receive a parent handout that you would like to share feel free to send it our way at If you ever have any question about something you receive don’t hesitate to contact us either.

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