Heritage Foundation: Six Things Betty DeVos Should Do In Her First 100 Days

Photo credit: School Choice Week

I’m sharing this short video that the Heritage Foundation shared on Facebook highlighting six things they say Trump’s Secretary of Education nominee, Betsy DeVos, should do in her first 100 days leading the U.S. Department of Education.

I know there will be mixed reaction among our readers on some of these ideas. I’m just putting them forward for further discussion.

  1. Support states as they work to exit Common Core.
  2. Call on Congress to pass the A-Plus Act returning power to the states. (Read Lindsey Burke’s explanation of the bill here.)
  3. Reauthorize the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship
  4. Cancel the Department of Education guidance on transgender bathrooms.
  5. Rescind the Obama Administration’s heavy-handed education regulations.
  6. Create Education Savings Accounts for children at Bureau of Indian Education schools.

Watch the video below:

4 thoughts on “Heritage Foundation: Six Things Betty DeVos Should Do In Her First 100 Days

  1. OK – help me with this.

    Why do our students have to take four years of math including Alg1 and 2 (which I think is trig), Geometry, and Statistics or Calculus?

    Why do our students have to take four years of science including Chemistry?

    Why do our students have to take two years of a foreign language?

    When I went to high school, I was able to graduate by taking those subjects in which I was interested and for which I had a talent. So I graduated with five years of French, three years of Spanish and took AP History, AP English, and AP French.

    This was a wonderful experience for me. I never took Chemistry and I barely passed trig.

    Why have we made it impossible for some kids to graduate high school and why have we not encouraged our students in their natural strengths?

    If I had had to take endless standardized tests back in high school, I never would have graduated. I was and still am test-phobic.

    When I got to college, I never took another math course and the science courses I took to meet requirements were courses that I had a natural interest in like Astronomy.

    When I compare my education to what we are offering our students in 2016, I am sad.

    How can we all demand higher excellence and a deeper learning experience for ALL our children?

    How do we get out of this mess?


  2. If Heritage was a truly conservative organization they would be demanding that Ms. DeVos work to shut down the unconstitutional US Department of Education. And start it within the first 100 days. Funny they never mention that. Nor do they ever mention repealing ESSA. As long as that law is in place none of the suggestions can be accomplished and if Heritage were not a front group for the progressive education reformers they would know that and promote repealing ESSA and shutting down the department. But instead they promote the continuation of federal government interference in education.


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