High Achievement New York Does Not Understand the First Amendment

Screenshot of the Wall of Shame website.

Screenshot of the Wall of Shame website.

The pro-Common Core High Achievement New York doesn’t like a website they say is bullying educators who support the standards.

By bullying they mean the website, Wall of Shame, identifies the educator (there are currently 12 administrators in New York and a teachers’ union president), what they said, assigns them a grade for truthfulness, and then lists the contact information at the school.

High Achievement New York has gone so far to solicit help from New York state legislators in getting the website taken down. Let me say that again, they want the state to take the website down.

“We are writing to ask all of you to help us end a clear case of cyberbullying in our state’s education system,” wrote leaders of High Achievement New York, a coalition that has battled the anti-testing movement.

“The website, which has posted public images and contact information for multiple educators for the ‘offense’ of supporting the State’s learning standards and annual tests, has a single purpose: to shame and intimidate educators until they are publicly silenced,” the group’s leaders said.

First Amendment anyone?

Also, are they forgetting the fact these are public officials. Granted they may not be elected, but they are government employees and last I checked people have the right to address grievances with our government whether it is local, state or at the federal level.

I can’t speak to every person listed, but it seems a common theme is local school administrators who are providing roadblocks to parents opting their students out of the Regents exams. So New Yorkers are to just remain quiet and not say anything?

How about the parents or students who have been bullied by Common Core advocates who refuse students to opt-out? What about the assessments and standards that have left young children in tears and have provided counselors job stability?

This pales in comparison to what Common Core advocates have inflicted upon parents which was done unconstitutional. This website, whatever you may think of it, has a constitutional right to exist. High Achievement New York is trying to do the same thing they accuse the Wall of Shame website of doing – silence the opposition.

I’d encourage the leadership at High Achievement New York to pick up and brush off the Constitution because they clearly do not understand it.

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