An Alternative to ACT and SAT Could Be Available Soon


An alternative to the Common Core-aligned college entrance exams – ACT and SAT could be available soon. Introducing Vector ARC (Assessment of Readiness for College) that will offer a beta test for students who attend the Great Homeschooling Convention being held on March 31-April 2 in Cincinnati, OH. This is initially being promoted for homeschooling students

Their description:

Vector ARC (Assessment of Readiness for College) is the antidote for Common Core-aligned college entrance exams. Once, homeschooling virtually guaranteed freedom from government overreach and offensive standards. Because the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests are now aligned with Common Core, this freedom is under attack. As education reforms cause the number of homeschooling families to skyrocket, those same changes convince many—including some curriculum providers—that without a Common Core education, college will be an unattainable goal. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Vector ARC is more than another test. It is an opportunity to preserve and restore academic freedom. Reminiscent of exams seen generations ago, ARC is free from subjective content and political bias. One student describes ARC as, “Much more challenging, but better because it tests how much we actually know.” Growing numbers of political leaders are advocating on behalf of the assessment. Statisticians are prepared to evaluate ARC. Colleges are anticipating the results. Still, Vector needs the most important component of all: students, not simply to take a test, but to ensure educational liberty remains a reality. Sign up and spread the word. Come find safety in the ARC.

HT: Bluegrass Institute

2 thoughts on “An Alternative to ACT and SAT Could Be Available Soon

  1. I know one of the creators of Vector and I can truthfully say it has been her dream to create an alternative test that is not align with Common Core and I can also tell you she is the real deal. If she is involved in this endeavor you can be assured it is a good product and worth supporting. Thank you for writing about this. We MUST all come together and work on alternatives to work around the system because it is too ingrained to stop but we can circumvent. I am working on tiny community home school groups using FPEUSA so we can get children of the working poor out of the system and into a home school environment where they will be educated in Classical education and not be under constant stress and pressure. We want to build a love for learning in our children. THANKS


  2. Has ACT aligned to the Common Core since the May 2015 post discussing that approximately 25% of guidance counselors recommend steering clear of the new SAT….but at the end of the article it mentions that ACT is not yet aligned?


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