South Dakota to Review Common Core


Last week The Sioux Falls Argus-Leader reports that the South Dakota Board of Education plans to review the Common Core State Standards.

They write:

The South Dakota Board of Education plans to re-evaluate the controversial math and reading curriculum this summer following a massive federal overhaul of the No Child Left Behind law.

The new law gives local school leaders more flexibility to set curriculum and testing standards. “We can stand back and say this is what we want for our state,” said Melody Schopp, the state’s education chief.

The Every Student Succeeds Act was signed by President Barack Obama in December, but it won’t hit classrooms until the 2017-18 school year. South Dakota education officials will start the revision process this summer for the Common Core.

The state reviews curriculum standards on a seven-year cycle. Reading standards were due for review this summer, but math standards weren’t scheduled for review until the summer of 2017. State education board members agreed unanimously to speed up the process, moving up the timeline for math.

“We’re basically going to review the Common Core and review that process this summer,” Schopp said.

Four thoughts about this.

First, it seems to me that Secretary Schopp is blaming the adoption of the Common Core on the feds. That wasn’t the tune she was singing when she and I spoke at a forum together in Sioux Falls a few years ago.

Second, giving Secretary Schopp the benefit of the doubt perhaps the Sioux Falls Board of Education felt boxed in due to their Race to the Top application or ESEA flexibility waiver.

Third, “flexibility” is misleading. We warned that Every Student Succeeds Act doesn’t change Common Core’s grip on a state, and a former Arne Duncan staffer said it locks states in.

Finally, I never get very excited about the concept of a review as they have yet to lead to a substantial change in a state’s standards.

2 thoughts on “South Dakota to Review Common Core

  1. I believe the truth is that all states will do this and be ready for the 2017-2018 implementation date of ESSA. I feel like shouting “LET THE REBRANDING BEGIN.” TN is doing the same thing and guess what the new standards will be ready for implementation 2017-2018 school year. Do you think perhaps they knew something well before we did. Well before the first vote was even cast? Nothing is a coincidence. And now that Common Core is deeply embedded in every school, now that all the teachers have been retrained, all the books aligned, new computers and expanded broadband, GED-SAT-PSAT-AP all aligned with Common Core there is not one state that can get out now and the federal government knows it. The only way is for parents all over the country to start pulling their kids out of the system. I guarantee in one month we could have ESSA repealed. Even if some Governors decided to buck the system how are they going to work around all the testing. Even the international test PISA is being rewritten by Pearson and guess what??? It is due to be released in 2018. We have a real mess on our hands but parents could end it ASAP if they had the will to do so. No Public School for ONE MONTH=Repeal ESSA/ESEA and truly return education to the states.


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