NAEP Scores Down Since Common Core Implementation

TheNationsReportCardThe NAEP scores for 2015 in math and reading were just released and scores are down from 2013.

In 2015 the average score for 4th graders was 240 points (on a 0-500 point scale).  This is one point lower than 2013. The average score for 8th graders was 282 which is two points below the average score of 8th graders in 2013.

This is higher than where students were at in 1990, but frankly Common Core advocates can’t take credit for that as scores improved before the standards were fully implemented.

No student group saw an improvement in math scores, and only 40% of 4th graders are deemed “proficient” along with 33% of 8th graders.

Reading isn’t much better.

Students in 4th grade had an average score of 223 points which is about the same as 2013.  8th graders dropped a couple of points since 2013 with an average score of 265.  Only 36% of 4th graders were found to be proficient and only 34% of 8th graders were found to be proficient.

That switch to focusing on informational text is doing a bang-up job.

At the state level it should be noted that Massachusetts is no longer number one with NAEP 8th grade reading.  This state had the best ELA standards pre-Common Core.  Oops.

Read through the reports for yourself and see how your state did.

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