North Carolina Standards Review Commission Wants Changes

NC-flag-700The Charlotte News & Observer reports that the North Carolina Standards Review Commission wants changes to the new standards:

The Academic Standards Review Commission met Monday to discuss draft recommendations for changes to Common Core, national standards for English and math that cover kindergarten through 12th grade. The proposals call for a restructuring of high school math, adopting Minnesota standards for kindergarten through 8th grade math, a streamlining of English goals, and making more opportunities for students to write.

The state adopted Common Core in 2010. It is not a curriculum, but a set of detailed goals students should achieve by the end of each grade. Schools are entering their fourth year using the standards, but the goals continue to be a target of criticism. The commission, a group of political appointees, was charged with reviewing the standards and sending their recommendations for changes to the legislature and the State Board of Education by the end of the year.

Two work groups, one for math and one for English/language arts, produced draft reports based on their reviews of other states’ standards, teacher surveys, and analysis by outside researchers. The commission is planning to gather teacher feedback at regional forums. Dates have not been set yet.

High school math courses are “integrated” in that algebra, geometry and other topics are taught together over three years. Integrated math is not required under Common Core, but the commission work group evaluating math recommended the state return to teaching Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.

“Let’s go back to the old way,” at least temporarily, said John T. Scheick , a retired math professor and commission member.

Watch Stop Common Core NC to get some local perspective on this.  From what I can see I’m cautiously optimistic as it seems, without seeing draft proposals of course, that they are looking at making some significant changes.  The Devil is always in the details however.  The final draft standards are not due until December.

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