Alice in Wonderland

What happens when a state legislator, a group of parents, or some policy or union group raises objections about the Common Core?  Its owners and proponents draw from a stable of shills to match their respondent’s background to what they perceive to be the objector’s.  That’s a common tactic.

So when they perceive the objector to be a conservative, the Common Core proponents most often trot out the Fordham Institute, which describes itself as right-of-center. The problem, as Dr. Susan Berry uncovers in her latest Breitbart piece, is that Fordham is unmoored from threshold conservative principles.

That’s just another chapter in the pretend world of the Common Core proponents.  They pretend that their initiative is state-led, that the standards are rigorous, internationally benchmarked, evidence-based, and of high quality.  Now that the Initiative is falling apart, they have added a few other points of deceit.  They pretend that, after adhering to Common Core’s demands, teachers will have time to teach above the standards (and thereby they are setting teachers up for the fall).  And they pretend that the president hi-jacked the Common Core, disregarding the fact that the Common Core owners asked him to spearhead pushing the standards into the states.

The sad thing is that the most media accepts the Common Core talking points hook, line, and sinker.

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