Christie Applied for RTTT Due to Difficult Fiscal Times


Gov. Chris Christie speaking in Iowa.

An interesting admission from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when he was being pressed by Laura Ingraham why he applied for a Race to the Top grant during his Q&A session at CPAC.

He first said it was teed up for him by former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine (I haven’t looked into whether the timeline meshes up, but that’s probably right) and then he said he basically applied becuase his state was cash strapped.

In New Jersey we’ve always been for the standards, for high standards, and we had standards before then.  My concern now as we travel toward implementation is not only the heavy foot of the federal government coming in, but it is not doing all that we need to have done in New Jersey.  We need to have local control – parents, teachers in those classrooms, they are the ones who should be helping us at the state level to set the standards.  So it was all teed up when I came in by Governor Corzine.  We signed on and tried to get funds through a really difficult fiscal time.

I wonder how many other governors would admit this now?

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