And in a Nod to Local Control… Oh Wait….

arkansas-state-flagI get that some school districts struggle and they do so for a variety of reasons.  Only elitist educrats think it’s a good idea for a state board to take over a local school district.

Think about this.  An unelected state school board dissolved an elected local school board.

This is America?

Yet that is just what the Arkansas State Board of Education did on Wednesday on a 5-4 vote, but rejected a local-state partnership compromise on a 4-4 vote with the chairman abstaining.  So five people decide it was best for the state to take over the Little Rock School District, scrap the elected school board, but keep the superintendent.

Hmm… doesn’t the superintendent have something to do with how poorly a school district is run?  I mean if you’re going to trample all over local control and scrap an elected board then shouldn’t you can the superintendent too?

You should probably can the teachers who needed a change in the dress code to force them to wear underwear as well.  Just saying.

This will make everything better I’m sure.  Just keeping pushing Common Core and make your teachers wear underwear – those are the keys to student achievement (tongue firmly planted in cheek).  What a disaster.

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