Take Time to Thank Bobby Jindal

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

I find that activists tend to be really good at calling politicians on the carpet.  We get fired up and we go visit them at the statehouse, call, write, email, and/or hound them on social media.

That is a healthy representative democracy in action.  Our elected officials govern by consent of the govern.  We must in a constitutional republic engage our elected representatives in the executive and legislative branches.

What we typically are not as good at, and I can’t imagine I am alone here, is thanking those same elected officials when they make the right call.  I know some may say, well that is what we pay them to do, but consider all of the voices they have whispering in their ear (or more likely shouting at them via the press) that contradict ours.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal listened to the right people and changed his mind about Common Core.  He listened to his constituents – parents who are concerned about the Common Core’s implementation in their state.  They are concerned about the high-stakes testing culture that has become prevalent in their children’s classrooms.  They are concerned about curriculum that is being aligned to the Common Core.

They want out and Governor Jindal listened, but more importantly he acted.

Now he’s under tremendous amounts of pressure from business groups like the Chamber of Commerce.  He’s taking heat from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.  He is battling the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education over his decision to pull Louisiana out of Common Core and PARCC.

He can use our encouragement.  Would you take 2-3 minutes and go join American Principles Project by sending Gov. Jindal a thank you?  You can do so right here.

It will make a difference.

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