Oklahoma Common Core Repeal Bill Out of Conference Committee

HB 3399, Oklahoma’s Common Core Repeal bill, passed out of the conference committee and the Oklahoma House and Senate will now have the chance to vote on the conference report.

Here is an update from Jenni White, president of Restore Oklahoma Public Education, that was sent to supporters last night.

This morning, the Conference Committee signed out HB3399 with the repeal of the Common Core State Standards. Tomorrow the bill needs to go to BOTH houses for a vote. Our group will be there at 1pm trying to rally legislators to get the bill heard and passed.

We are using the slogan “8 are great” to describe the 8 big reasons we need to get this bill across the finish line. If we can (a veto from our veto-happy governor not withstanding) this will be the best bill in the country for stopping  Common Core:

Here are the 8:

1. Repeals Common Core from state law
2. State must use PASS (our previous Oklahoma standards) during the two year interim while new standards are being written and the tests must be aligned to those standards
3. No more ‘fuzzy’ math! The new standards require the mastery of the ‘standard algorithms in math’ – “the most logical, efficient way of solving a problem that consistently works”
4. Oklahoma’s new standards must be compared with the old standards to ensure they are NOT aligned with Common Core
5. Oklahoma’s new standards must be reviewed and approved by the legislature returning control to the people
6. The state board cannot enter into any agreements that would cede control or authority of our standards and tests
7. Standards and assessments must be developmentally appropriate
8. The state may use paper and pencil tests if online testing creates problems for students

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