Georgia Senate Approves Common Core Review Bill

GA-state-flag-imageThe Georgia Senate passed SB 167 on a 34-16 vote yesterday.  The Atlanta Constitutional-Journal reports:

State Sen. William Ligon, R-Brunswick, has led the legislative fight against the standards, which has drawn opposition from Tea Party activists as a federal intrusion into state control of public education.

But rather than abruptly pull Georgia out of the standards — something business and higher education officials don’t want to see — Ligon’s legislation, Senate Bill 167 would put into law the review Gov. Nathan Deal ordered of Common Core last year.

It passed the Senate by a vote of 34-16. Its prospects in the House of Representatives appear strong. Ligon said he has already reached an agreement with Deal’s office.

The Georgia House Education Committee chair already expressed support of the bill.  It’s not a perfect bill (which would be a repeal bill), but does lay out a clear review process of review, who can serve on the advisory boards, a process for public review and feedback, a requirement that higher education institutions are consulted and appropriate experts review the standards.  This should provide a lot of sunshine on decision-making process of adopting standards in Georgia.  I’d encourage you to read the language in the bill.

7 thoughts on “Georgia Senate Approves Common Core Review Bill

  1. Communist Core education. Don’t want it? Obey God and remove your children from State education. There is no covering of God on State schools as an institution. They are not under God. They are not a Christian ministry. God commanded to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord: CHRISTIAN education by either homeschooling, or some other form of Christian ministry.


    • I completely agree!! I’m so worried for my public school children right now so I’m researching the options of homeschool. May God be with us!


      • Amen! Praise you Jesus! I encourage you in the Lord that your family will be blessed. Moreover, you are instrumental in this obedience to God healing the land. II Chronicles 7:14. God bless you.


  2. Shane, this bill no longer mentions Common Core. We were duped. That is not to say it isn’t a start, it just is not the start we wanted. It is easier to change the code than to introduce a new bill.


  3. The language in SB 167 means that Georgia will not accept assessments written by those outside of Georgia. So….no more SAT, ACT, AP tests for our high school students. Welcome back to the dark ages.


  4. From the text of the bill:

    (b) No official of the State of Georgia, whether elected or appointed or representing the state in any capacity, shall join, on behalf of the state or a state agency, any consortium, association, or entity or enter into a binding agreement, when such membership or agreement would relinquish any measure of control over standards and assessments, to any individual or entity outside the state.

    SAT, AP, ACT, and others are not beholden to Georgia’s rules and laws; thus, under this language, they would not be permitted.


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