AL Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh is Tone Deaf to Parents’ Common Core Concerns

Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh spoke to the Business Council of Alabama’s governmental affairs committee about the Common Core State Standards last week.  You can watch below (it’s the second half of the video):

Marsh says, ““Have had people bring me stacks of materials with highlights … and I am supposed to connect the dots… I have yet to find a conspiracy.”

I’m not sure what evidence he’s talking about.  I know I don’t want him spending his time looking for a conspiracy.  I want him just to look and see the arguments that are being made about content.  He said he’s concerned about how the U.S. is measuring up to other countries – perhaps then he would spend more time considering whether or not the Common Core will help prepare Alabama students for STEM instead of pandering to a group whose members likely make up the bulk of his campaign contributions.

He also then makes the argument that it is the State Board of Education’s job.  Who provides a check on the State Board of Education?  Yes they are elected and that is a far cry better than what a lot of states have.  The State Board of Education functions as part of the executive branch.  Should we then have a board function as the executive branch and legislative branch unto themselves?

Sure no problems there!

Instead of belittling Alabama parents and their concerns Marsh needs to spend some time doing research on the Common Core instead of just listening to the talking points given to him by corporate interests supportive of the Common Core.  Also, his members would like a vote on this.  We live in a constitutional republic, not a dictatorship.  While Senate rules may allow Marsh to hold bills up it certainly is not in the spirit of our founding.

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