Student Privacy Rights Bill Filed in Washington State

washington-state-flagStop Common Core in Washington reported that there has been a bill pre-filed in Washington State that addresses student privacy rights – HB 2783 by State Representative Elizabeth Scott (R-Monroe).  The bill is not up on the Washington Legislature website, but you can read it and download it here.  It’s a first step toward protecting student privacy in the Evergreen State.  Below are the highlights of the bill provided by Stop Common Core in Washington:

  • Requires the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee to:
    • Conduct a detailed analysis of documents and agreements by the OSPI, OFM, and school districts related to collection, sharing, storage, security, dissemination, and access to personally identifiable student data or student-level data to determine the extent and circumstances that the agreements require or permit dissemination of personally-identifiable student data or student-level data from Washington students without written consent of students/parents.
  • Analyze 2011 amendments to regulations implementing the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to determine the extent they permit sharing of personally-identifiable student data or student-level data under the documents analyzed.
  • Specifies that the analysis include but not be limited to certain documents, agreements, and applications such as the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, the federal Race to the Top grants; the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC); the Student Longitudinal Data System; the ESEA waiver;and others.
  • Requires JLARC to submit its analysis to the legislative Education Committees by September 1, 2014 to allow an opportunity for the Legislature to review the results and, if necessary, direct the withdrawal of Washington from any multi-state assessment consortium that disseminates personally-identifiable student data without written consent.
  • Requires that, if Washington remains a member of the SBAC after 2015 or becomes a member of any other multi-state assessment consortium after the bill takes effect, JLARC must annually review documents and agreements related to personally identifiable student data or student-level data to determine any changes to the above findings, and if so, must immediately forward the new findings to the Education Committees.

If you live in Washington State please contact your legislators and ask them to support this bill.

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