Missouri Statutes That Protect Local Control of Education

I participated in the Take Back Our Schools in North Kansas City, MO on Saturday.  Duane Lester of The Missouri Torch was on hand to video the entire conference.  I wanted to highlight one of the presentations, and then encourage you to visit The Missouri Torch to view the rest.

Dr. Mary Byrne, co-founder of the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core, gave a presentation on the Missouri statutes that protect local control of education making a compelling case that the Missouri Board of Education and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education broke the law when they adopted the Common Core and mandated it for local schools.

Below is the video of her presentation.

Here are the slides.



He’s adding video throughout the day so be sure to check back at his site.

3 thoughts on “Missouri Statutes That Protect Local Control of Education

  1. What if our local school board approved of Common Core, even though there was very little discussion or debate on the subject?


  2. I don’t remember ANY public input being sought before our district endorsed the Common Core standards. It seems anyone opposed to CC is painted as opposed to excellence in general and standards in particular. It’s ridiculous.


    • Correct, I was referring to little discussion by the school board itself. They just followed the wishes of the Administration. I remember reading that two St. Louis districts were listed by DESE as being on board with Common Core before the school board even voted on it!


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