(Video) Common Core: Dangers and Threats to American Liberty


A friend of mine forwarded this video and I thought I would share it with you.  FreedomProject Education is the group behind this video. 

Their description:

This hour long presentation explores the new government mandated Common Core standards being implemented in public schools, private schools and homeschool curriculum. Dr. Duke Pesta (their academic director) and Mrs. Mary Black (student development director) offer an in-depth look at Common Core, its longterm impact, and why American’s should be concerned about these standards.

You can watch it below or here.

Common Core: Dangers And Threats To American Liberty And Education from FreedomProject on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “(Video) Common Core: Dangers and Threats to American Liberty

  1. Yeah – why is he telling people that you can’t find that document? Seems to me like he just wants to sell his homeschooling product. Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Any background? hello? TAE – why are you posting this? It will hurt the anti-cc cause and make everyone look like they wear tin foil hats.


  2. Shane – Please don’t take this down! The report referenced has NOT always been available. My searching back in April/May came up with nothing – but now it is easy to find ONLY if you use the full title. This video is highly informative, It puts into perspective that our government IS trying to convert us into a communist state using incremental progressivism.

    My twins third grade books are filled with kudos for Bill and Melinda Gates (not appropriate), stories on Kenya being a great vacationland that WE should visit and tons of estimative math. By the way, we should never let anyone tell us or our kids that a wrong answer to a math problem is right if you can buffalo the teacher with incorrect reasoning that sells them on the idea that it is reasonable to accept inaccuracy as correctness.

    The beauty of math is that it is an exact science: 2+2=4 ( if you want to express a deviation to this answer than go write the ‘Al-Gore-Rhythm’ for it – and submit that to your incompetent ‘left-headed’ teacher.)

    This video in great fashion also explains that when you combine Common Core with Obamacare with private and personal information now in the computers of the gov’t which is shared with big business and the FBI and the CIA and the NSA and the IRS and any future employer the outcome will be a socialist state of tyranny brought down on us by our federal government. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN – GET THE FEDS AND PROGRESSIVISM OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS -ABOLISH COMMON CORE!!!!!


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