The Gates Money and Common Core

Mercedes Schneider has a fabulous audit of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spending on Common Core.  In particular I want to highlight money spent on advocacy and advancing the Common Core.

Let us now consider major education organizations and think tanks that have accepted Gates money for the express purpose of advancing CCSS:

American Enterprise Institute: $1,068,788.

American Federation of Teachers: $5,400,000.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: $3,269,428.

Council of Great City Schools: $5,010,988.

Education Trust: $2,039,526.

National Congress of Parents and Teachers: $499,962.

National Education Association: $3,982,597.

Thomas B. Fordham Institute: $1,961,116.

Almost $2 million dollars and yet Chester Finn of Fordham said the money had nothing to do with his support of the Common core.  Right, sure.  I find it fascinating he had to buy off both major teachers union.  We’re getting word that the Gates Foundation may be spending more money on advocacy as they since they’re losing ground.

I get asked how the opposition is being funded and I have to reply we don’t have a billionaire funding us.

1 thought on “The Gates Money and Common Core

  1. The cost of exploiting children for profit and the global collectivist goals has gone up lately I hear. It’s hard to drowned out the truth with cash, also with the devaluing of the dollar, the bad guys probably didn’t expect they would be effected. In their dreams that only made them rich and hurt the little guy.


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