Lessons From French Schools

French_flag_in_AngersWe should have learned by now that if you want to know how not to do something learn from the French (I’m only joking – sort of).  Bloomberg has an interesting article that discusses how French Schools show the pitfalls for the Common Core State Standards here in the U.S.

An excerpt:

France’s excellent standards also come at a human cost. Its education system is plagued by a high failure rate and worsens social inequality. About 20 percent of pupils struggle with basic reading, writing and math throughout their school years, according to recent government and international reports. A decade ago, that figure was 15 percent. The vast majority of those in difficulty come from poor or disadvantaged families.

Most troubling, the proportion of students who complete high school is lower in France than in the U.S.; one-third drop out before getting to the baccalaureat, and most of these are working-class and first- or second-generation immigrant children. Comparative data compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s PISA program show that the socioeconomic background of schoolchildren is as much a determinant of their performance in France as it is in the U.S.

Read the rest.

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