Megyn Kelly Discusses Common Core

I know some are skeptical of the interview that Megan Kelly of Fox News had with Bob Bowdon of Choice Media yesterday.  Bowdon hasn’t said much about the Common Core so some question his agenda.

Personally I believe he gave a fair interview and it was favorable to our position.  I also believe it wasn’t the most substantive interview on the subject.

I’ve also heard some rambling about his school choice position.

Let me be clear about where I stand… I am not a public school cheerleader, while I don’t want them to fail, my wife and I chose to homeschool for a reason.  We recognize that most kids will be in the public schools so we have a civic concern for their reform, but we also believe parents need to be empowered with choice.  So personally (only speaking for myself) it really bothers me when I hear school choice demonized in our movement.  I received several emails yesterday that had that tone.  That isn’t to say I agree with absolutely everything that is done in the school choice movement, but it isn’t antithetical to be pro-School Choice and anti-Common Core.  I am.  But I am also concerned about how vouchers has pulled private schools into the Common Core – that diminishes choice as far as I’m concerned.

But I digress.  This isn’t bad coverage coming from a media outlet owned by a man who has been a public champion of the the Common Core.  So let’s just be thankful for the exposure.

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