Action Alert for Kansas

From Dr. Walt Chappell:

There is a Plan B taking shape to defund the CCS by the Kansas Legislature before they adjourn for the year.  Their legislative session is due to  end this Friday.

If you and your networks can assist with emails sent to the personal accounts of both House and Senate members, they will be greatly appreciated.  (See the email lists attached.)

A group of grassroots supporters of stopping the CCS are making the trip to Topeka tomorrow.  So, emails sent tonight, tomorrow and Thursday will be most effective in getting the votes we need.  Below are some talking points which are making the most impact.

Thanks again for your assistance.  Who knows, Kansas may be the first state to actually stop the implementation of the CCS.   With your help, we will succeed!!

Here are some talking points:

I wish to encourage you to work with your other legislators and vote to  stop the Common Core Standards here in Kansas—before the end of this legislative session.   With your support in stopping the progression of CCS in our state, Kansans, through our local school boards and state BOE can continue to establish and control the curriculum for our children and grandchildren.

There are many, many good reasons to stop CC in Kansas.  Here are just a few of my top reasons/concerns:

  • The loss of local and state control over what and how our students are taught.
  • The loss of student and parent privacy—-which will happen with full implementation and the required  mega dataset of student and parent personal information.  –FERPA has already been amended in order to accommodate this invasion of privacy!
  • The millions of dollars it will cost the Kansas tax payer for implementation of CCS. —Our educational dollars need to be put to use in the classroom for teaching, not for technology that is necessary to support this untested theory for nationalizing curriculum standards!

Please vote to  stop Common Core before you adjourn this 2013 legislative session.

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