Common Core Model Resolution for County Political Party Platforms

We encourage activists to also make opposition to the Common Core part of your county political party platform.  To that end we would like to provide a model resolution that you can use as a template.  The template can be used for any political party as we believe opposition to the Common Core can and should be a bipartisan position.


WHEREAS, in 2010 officials in the Executive Branch committed our state to participation in the Common Core State Standards Initiative through the federal Race to the Top grant application; and

WHEREAS, this participation required our state to adopt the Common Core standards in K-12 English language arts and mathematics, and to commit to implementing the national [SMARTER Balanced (SBAC)/Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)] assessments, all without legislative oversight and without public input; and

WHEREAS, adoption of Common Core obliterates [state’s] constitutional autonomy over education in English language arts and mathematics, placing control in the hands of the federal government and unaccountable private interests in Washington, DC; and

WHEREAS, the Common Core standards have been evaluated by experts as mediocre at best, and based on questionable philosophies; and

WHEREAS, the Common Core standards will inevitably lead to a national curriculum, in violation of three federal statutes; and

WHEREAS, the Common Core scheme will be expanded to include national standards and curriculum in science, social studies, and other subjects; and

WHEREAS, neither the Common Core standards nor the [SBAC/PARCC] assessments were ever piloted to determine their effectiveness; and

WHEREAS, both the Common Core standards and the [SBAC/PARCC] tests will impose an enormous unfunded mandate on our state and our local school districts; and

WHEREAS, Common Core is part of a national scheme that includes collection and sharing of massive amounts of personal student and teacher data;

THEREFORE, the ______ of _____________ County hereby resolves that our state leaders should:

  • Withdraw our state from the Common Core State Standards Initiative;
  • Withdraw our state from the [SBAC/PARCC] assessment scheme, and any other testing aligned with the Common Core standards;
  • Prohibit all state officials from entering into any agreement that cedes any measure of control over [state] education to entities outside the state and ensure that all content standards and curriculum decisions are adopted through a transparent state-wide process fully accountable to the citizens of [state]; and
  • Prohibit the collection of personal student data for any non-educational purpose, and the sharing of personal data except with schools or education agencies within the state.

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