Alabama’s Common Core Fight

alabama-state-houseThe Alabama Legislature has two identical bills that would repeal the Common Core – House Bill 254, sponsored by State Representative Jim Barton (R-Mobile), and Senate Bill 190, sponsored by State Senator Drew Brewbaker (R-Montgomery).  There is a public hearing tomorrow on the House Bill at 3p at the Alabama Statehouse.  A partner of ours down in Alabama, CE White, warned of about the measures being taken to prevent these bills from passing:

I feel we have the votes for this to pass in the Senate, but the House is dealing dirty politics. One superintendent (who is connected to Broad Foundation and has invited Pearson to his district next month) wrote an article last week in a newspaper, claiming that Alabama would be “an island” if we withdrew from Common Core. Since that article, legislators have started to question why we need to pass these bills. In fact, they are using the same terminology that we might be “an island” if we pass this bill. I will be speaking at the public hearing Wednesday. However, we really need to get the word out to our legislators that we will not be “an island.” We need them to know that we are not alone in our fight. We need them to know that other states are also fighting against Common Core. Could you please help us get the word out, by having your organization and other states contact our legislators and tell them to please pass HB 254 and SB 190, and we will not be “an island.” We need to flood them with calls and emails. They need to know they have the support of the country.

Alabama certainly wouldn’t be alone.  You can find contact information for members of the Alabama House here and the Alabama Senate here.

2 thoughts on “Alabama’s Common Core Fight

  1. Go Alabama! I actually got a call from one of their State School Board members to give me advice in fighting Common Core in my state! WAY TO GO ALABAMA!


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